Enter Bibliographic Information

To format your references, open a new tab in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari), and go to:

You can enter information on your sources by having zbib locate the work and collect the information automatically, if you have a URL, DOI, or ISBN.

You can also select "Manual" entry if you prefer.

APA, MLA and Turabian in Google Docs

For example, one of the articles we are using for this Help topic was published on the web by Wiley.

We copied the URL for this article into the Search box, and pressed the Cite button.

APA Research Paper in Google Docs

zbib formatted the reference for this source and added it to the bibliography.

APA Research Paper in Google Docs

Click on any of the references in the bibliography to view and / or edit the bibliographic record in zbib.

APA Research Paper in Google Docs

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