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Students Rave About Dr Paper
93% of the students who use Dr Paper tell us they have recommended it to their friends. And when we ask users to give our software quality and customer service, 9 out of 10 give us an "A"!

Here is just a sampling what students say about Dr Paper Software:

I could not be more impressed with this software....

I am a returning college student and had a 30 page paper to do and had no clue about APA format. In a short time with the help of this software I have mastered it and inserted the necessary info ...paper will be done this weekend and I didn't have to fuss with the insanity of the APA format codes...

I intend to use the software for every single future paper I write.

Thank you very much...feel free to use this recommendation anywhere if you wish
-Linda R.

Rec'd 10/10 on a paper where most classmates rec'd deductions of 20-40% for APA violations. As a working and traveling adult, it was worth it to buy this template rather than quibble about paper structure that is of no consequence in my corporate environment. Time is money. Well worth the small investment.
-[Did not leave a name]

I have used Dr. Paper for several years now, and just recently upgraded for the 2013 Microsoft Office integration. I think having this program has been a godsend to my academic career because I never fret about writing papers. In addition, just having the formatting already done stimulates the writing process when you are stumped at where to start your paper. Something just happens after I fill out the title fields and hit enter, then see my paper already formatted and ready to go.

I HIGHLY recommend this program, even if you are a proficient writer, just because it takes the hassle out of formatting and gets the creative juices flowing. Way to go Dr. Paper, you're my hero!

If I could see you people face to face I would give you the biggest kiss!!! I can't tell you how excited I was to find your website and download, you have saved my life, and my grades!! I was stressing about having to write papers this semester because I have been out of high school a long time and was terrified. Now I feel so much better!! I am taking five classes this semester and I am going to email every one of my classmates about you!!! Thanks again, you guys are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!

Dr. Paper has been a real lifesaver for me as an online student at Western Governors University. Almost all of our assignments are essays or papers, and all have to be turned in as *.rtf in APA format with citations. I use Dr. Paper for all of them, and it saves me a TREMENDOUS amount of time and a lot of headaches. Thank you!

You are a life saver. I work 50+ hours a week and attend school full time I honestly don't think I could of done this without your assistance.
-Doug G.

I haven't had to call Tech Support yet, but I needed an APA-formatted citation for a paper I wrote last week. Trying to get Microsoft Word to let you format that way is futile, so I Googled for "APA-style citation" and found your product. I found it easy to install and use. I've been looking at it a little more and thinking about how I can exploit its strengths.
-Phillip P., DeVry University

Short of writing the paper, Dr. Paper has made APA style formatting a breeze... The tips are great and very helpful.
-Judy B., St. Mary's University

The software takes away much of the agony of writing papers in the APA style. Thank you.
--DV Floyd

I am a full time high school teacher with a part time evening job, 2 kids 1 husband, a house to take care of and graduate school. Dr. Paper has cut the time it took me to write an APA style research paper in half.
--Julie M., Montclair State University

I am so impressed and the software is so easy to work with! I love it!
--Melody C., Grand Canyon University

This software has really been a great help. I have been out of college for 6 years and it's been a very, very long time since I have written a paper. I had forgotten how to cite references correctly and the exact margins for a APA style paper. I am really glad that I purchased this software.
--Crystal F., Strayer University

Having been away from the college classroom for 25 years, I was totally unprepared to write a paper in the APA style. Dr. Paper saved the day (and what sanity I had left after the research was done.) Thanks to your program I turned in my paper on time and without any extra medication. Thanks.


Having been through graduate school and law school before, your Dr. Paper is a true blessing that I wish I had back then. As I commence another round of graduate school I'm a great deal happier that I have Dr. Paper along for the ride! Thank you.

I am using the software for my college writing classes. The reference part has saved me.

I used your software to write a paper in APA format and it was very helpful. It was so nice to be able to insert all of the required information into the correct fields and it was automatically placed where it needed to be. This saved me so much time. Thank you for the excellent software.

So far, Dr. Paper is awesome! Takes the 'work' out of worrying about the whole formatting thing.
-Robert B.

I could not have completed my paper using the APA format without this wonderful tool. Thank you for allowing me to keep my sanity in the midst of all this. Have already recommended this program to other classmates. Thanks.
-Julia Jones

I'm a new user of this type of software, but so far, it's got everything I need, and it's relatively simple. I think it's wonderful.
-Candace W.

Dr.Paper is a life saver, I have been struggling with my manual APA format forever. Thanks

The software and tips are invaluble. My students and I are in the process of using the software, therefore, will get back to you with a detailed description in our overall satisfaction. Thank You.
-Professor Levern Jackson

I love this program. I have used it before and needed to upgrade. I love this program very much and it makes college courses easier. It lifts a burden off of my shoulders. When I have to do reports I dont fret because I have a program that will format it for me. I tell all my classmates about it and the best thing is its cheap and user friendly.

I am sorry that I do not remember the name of the tech person who helped me, but he was thorough and polite. I want to say that I LOVE Dr. Paper. I was sweating blood over this topic paper. I had it handwritten out, had my references...I was ready. The problem was I did not want to spend a whole day relearning how to set up MS Word to format the paper. Why should I? Your product was the perfect answer. In 30 minutes after purchasing your product, it was downloaded and I was completing my paper. I got an A. The professor said "Great paper. Just what I was looking for. Good references, perfectly formatted". I was thrilled! In my next class, I will only have to concern myself with the topic and research. The rest will be a breeze! Thanks again,
-Rex Lanning

This is such an awesome program. I am a sophomore in college and a Senior knew I was freaking out about so many papers I had to turn in. She told me about this program. The best advice I have ever got. It makes writing, citing source etc... a breeze. I can churn out a ten page paper in a week now. How awesome is that? Thanks so much for all the tips and support.
-Michelle, West Virginia

Your follow-up and your tips sent have been impressive. One does not often see this when purchasing a package on the internet.

I have only 6 classes remaining for my MBA, and haven't ever come across a site or a package as nice as yours. One always dreaded hearing an instructor say the style had to be APA or MLA, for that meant hours of just worrying about the proper format and punctuation... to a point that you didn't even worry about the content of the paper, just the formatting.

You have taken that worry away and given your users a chance to concentrate on the production of a quality paper.

As a business owner, I commend you on your product development, your marketing efforts and your outstanding customer service and support offerings.
-Greg W.

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